2.2 Content types and document types

What is a document type?

A document type is a definition of fields, that can be used to store content. Integrated includes a number of document type, such as News, Article, Taxonomy and Person. New document types can be created by a developer.

Technically, a document type is a class, represented as MongoDB ODM Document, that can be used to store content. The document defines the available fields.

A document type always extends the Content class in the IntegratedContentBundle (Document/Content folder). Document types are automatically loaded by Integrated, as long as they are in the "Document" folder of the bundle.

What is a content type?

Every document type needs a content type before it can be used. Content types can be created by the administrator as an instance of a document type.

For example the document type "Article" can be used to create the content types "Article", "Blog" and "News". Each content type can have its own fields, as long as it is a subset of the document type.

Besides the field customization, the separation of content in content types can be used to filter content, link relations, distribute on channels or configure a workflow.