2.1 Integrated Content Structure

Content (articles, categories, etc.) is stored in documents in the MongoDB database. The content structure is very flexible.

Goals of the content structure are:

1. Content is stored semantic

Content must be independent of the current form of publishing or layout. Integrated handles content as long term and sustainable. Semantic content storage allows to introduce new layouts, publishing forms or channels in the future.

2. Generic components must be able to use content

The Integrated Content Structure offers a basis for storage of the most used content types. The predefined content structure allows creation of adapters and other extensions on this structure.

3. Allow to store any content

Content can be defined at different levels. Integrated administrators can create new content types, while developers can create new document types. Content documents can be inherited to allow extended forms of content, while keeping the ability to build generic components.

Technical implementation

The documents can be found in the IntegratedContentBundle in the Document/Content folder.

All content items are based on the abstract Content class, which assures that every content item has (for example) an ID.

The abstract Content class is also based on some interfaces. When requiring Content in your application please require the ContentInterface instead of the Content class, to allow to replace the Content class with your own one.