3.5 Publication status of a content item

The publication status of a content item is very important. Most users of Integrated do not want their content item to be be published to the public during the editorial process. The publication status will show you the status of the content item.

User parameters

In a default Integrated installation, the following user parameters determine the publication status:

  • The "Disabled" field: The Disabled field is used to disable a content item by the user. This is a checkbox. A disabled content item will never be published while this box is checked.
  • The "Publication times" field: The publication times field is used to set a publication start date and time and/or a publication end date and time.
  • The IntegratedWorkflowBundle hides the "disabled" field and sets the field based on the workflow state "Published" flag. For all unpublished states the content item is set to Disabled.

Always use isPublished in code

The publication status in the code is determined by the isPublished function. This function evaluates the disabled and publication time fields. By using this separate function logic can be added to determine the publication state in specific content items.

The isPublished has a $checkPublishTime parameter (defaults to true). When set to false, the publication time limit is ignored. This can be used to push content to other resources that will restrict the time limit. For example the Solr indexer uses this parameter to exclude the publication limit in the Solr publication status, to keep from scheduling Solr indexing when a content item reaches a publication time. Instead, the publication limit is automatically added to Solr query's on public queries.